About me

The goal of Leios Labs is to do high-quality, computational research and communicate this research as effectively as possible.

About James Schloss (Leios)

James Schloss finished his PhD at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in December of 2019 before working at MIT for a year on the Climate Machine project. He is also in charge of an online repository of Algorithms known as the Arcane Algorithm Archive and runs the youtube channel LeiosLabs with 85,000 subscribers along with it’s corresponding twitch stream.

For his PhD, James focused primarily on GPGPU computing by solving the NonLinear Schrodinger Equation (also called the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation, GPE) on the GPU by building the package GPUE.

For the CLIMA project, James focused on Heterogeneous computing with the KernelAbstractions.jl package and implementing it into a large climate simulation.

The Algorithm Archive has the impossible goal of creating an online textbook that rivals Numerical Recipes in every programming language. This is done with the help of a community of individuals that help curate all the languages. At the current time, the Algorithm Archive focuses on methods that are relevant to James’s research that are not adequately explained elsewhere.

For Twitch and Youtube, James focuses on explaining research topics with a current focus on computational creativity.